Plumbers of Rome

__________________“Fun devoesque-bluemanish trio.”

“I booked the Plumbers of Rome for a tour ‘down under’ for one reason alone: to come upset the apple cart of a cappella.  That they did, leaving behind them a glorious mess of absurdist pop song deconstructions coupled with a stage presentation that should be seen to be believed.”

–Rod Vervest, Program Manager, Great Southern / Perth International Arts Festival

“Fantastic. Loved all the choreography and improv. Very well done. Our staff loved it.”

–Boulder Home and Garden Fair/Magazine

A cappella meets Blue Man.  This is a Vegas show!”

–Deke Sharon, Founder, The Contemporary A Cappella Society, Producer, NBC’s The Sing-Off


The Plumbers of Rome are a trio of accomplished musicians who sing fantastic, creative, deconstructionist renditions of popular music and kooky-cerebral original songs.  Exploring the limits of the human voice, and building amazing musical textures with three voices, Plumbers of Rome put on a mind-bending musical show.  In turns funny, contemplative, quirky, beautiful, and/or odd, Plumbers of Rome is a unique experience ideal for indoor theater shows, fine arts crowds, and both music aficionados and lovers of bizarre humor.

On the strength of their refined musicality, powerful performing skills, and unconventional stage presentation, Plumbers of Rome won the 2010 Harmony Sweepstakes, the “super bowl” of a cappella singing.

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